Dollish Polish: ‘Oh, You’re So Cool Brewster’ & ‘The Curse Of Michael Myers’

Hello Lovies!

It’s that time of year again to break out the Halloween polishes, plates, etc. Yay! So, for today’s manicure, I went with a little something inspired from two horror movie classics.

Photo taken in direct sunlight DollishPolish_Brewster_Myers1


Photo taken outdoors in shade DollishPollish_Brewster_Myers2

The deep blue holo is ‘Oh, You’re So Cool Brewster’ and was inspired by the classic movie Fright Night. What your looking at is one coat. Yes, you did hear me correctly… ONE coat! Fully opaque and completely covered my dark VNL (Visible Nail Line). It is so beautiful in the sunlight, well, any light, actually. I could sit and look at the holo yumminess for hours!

‘Brewster’ is a pretty thick lacquer, so you’ll need a thick coat and you’ll need to move quickly. The thickness caused me to worry that it was going to streak, but it leveled out perfectly on its own. No need to keep repeating brush strokes over and over. If you need to do clean up around your cuticles, make sure you’ve got that brush with acetone ready. I’m not kidding, you have to be fast with this polish!

If you try to apply thin coats, you’re going to be dipping into your bottle repeatedly and it’s going to already begin drying on your nail. You’ll have a hot mess on your hands (literally). If you’re a slow painter, you’re going to have a hot mess. But there is a solution!

If you’re not a fast nail painter, and you don’t already own a bottle of nail polish thinner, visit your local Sally Beauty Supply and purchase a bottle. Add 2-3 drops and roll the bottle in your hands to thin it out (for goodness sakes, make sure to put the top back on the polish before rolling it! Haha!). Voila! Problem solved and you can paint more slowly now. If you do thin the polish, you may have to apply more than one coat to get full opacity. Keep that in mind.

What I’m going to say next is extremely important. It’s been said on many, many blogs before by many, many other bloggers; but, in case you haven’t read it or heard it before, I’ll say it again: DO NOT USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER TO THIN POLISH…. EVER!!!! You will ruin your polish. The end. Period. Throw it in the trash! I don’t care if your aunt’s best friend’s cousin said she used nail polish remover to thin polish and it was fine, it wasn’t. She ruined her polish. I hope we’re on the same page now about never using nail polish remover to thin polish! =)

Also, I’d like to mention I read on another person’s blog (I can’t recall whose blog) to “never use nail polish thinner with any Dollish Polish because it will mess up the polish because her polishes tend to be heavily pigmented.” Now all those words are from another blogger, they are not my words. That’s why I used those quotation marks up there (pointing up). I’d like to address this. I spoke with Dolly from Dollish Polish personally (directly) and told her I had read this. I asked her if it was true and I asked her if it was ok to use nail polish thinners with her lacquers. Dolly informed me what I had read from the other blogger is completely false and inaccurate. She said it is perfectly fine to use nail polish thinner with any of her lacquers. So, trust me, it’s fine.

Again, I’m going to repeat myself: You can use nail polish thinner. DO NOT use nail polish remover (on ANY polish).

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s move along to the next polish I used.

On my accent finger, I used two very thin layers of ‘The Curse Of Michael Myers’ on top of ‘Brewster.’ This polish was, of course, in case you can’t tell from the name, inspired by the horror classic movie Halloween. It is a complete Halloween glitter bomb in a bottle! All kinds of different shapes and sizes of orange glitter with some yellow and iridescents thrown in there also to give it even more shiny goodness! This glitter bomb is in a clear base.

You will notice in the photo above I got a lot of glitter from just the two very thin layers I used. This is a glitter polish that will easily build if you want to wear it on it’s own. With thick coats, you’ll hit full opacity in three to four coats. I just love a good glitter I can wear on top of other colours or I can wear alone. This is THE perfect glitter for the Halloween season!

I recently picked up my bottle of ‘The Curse Of Michael Myers’ from Dolly’s Etsy Shop which you can find here Dollish Polish Etsy Shop. Dolly uses her Etsy shop for retired and discontinued polishes and she sells them for a discounted price. She often restocks it, so make sure to check there often. You can find some really awesome deals!

Looking to purchase Dollish Polish (and I highly suggest you do), you can find her website here Dollish Polish Website.

Yes, there are other Indie Polish brands I adore and I do purchase, but Dollish Polish is my absolute favourite. As of today, I have exactly 50 bottles of her lacquers. Not only are ALL her lacquers gorgeous, but I love the fact she has fan based colours and draws inspiration from her favourite things such as movies, television shows, etc. She is a creative genius. She’s also extremely sweet, easy to talk with, and wants to make sure each and every one of her customers is 100% satisfied.

And…. just in case you are wondering. No, I do not swatch for Dolly. No, I have never received one PR Sample from Dolly. No, I am not being compensated in any way to say the things I have said about Dolly or her company, Dollish Polish. Yes, I have purchased every lacquer of hers I own with my own money. These are simply my opinions and my opinions alone. =)

Dolly recently released a brand new ‘Universal Monsters Collection’‘. This link takes you to the complete set, but we can purchase them individually.

She also just released her yearly LE (Limited Edition) The Walking Dead lacquer. This year it was inspired by the character Daryl and is named  ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Bitch’‘. You can only purchase this lacquer until October 22, 2017 and each lacquer is numbered. So run, my lovies, over to her website, and get your lacquer purchase on!

Until Next Time, My Friends….

Happy Lacquering!



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