Lacquer Junkie ‘Andromeda’

Lacquer Junkie is a new Indie Polish company by Kass. She has been putting out some real beauties into the polish world since last summer.

Today I have a polish from her new collection “Celestial Anomalies” to share with you. Release date is February 22, 2019; however, they will be available for preorder probably within the upcoming week.


A dark steel grey base with a metallic look. Generous blue and silver microglitters with even a few pink microglitters are all throughout the polish.

My camera went a little coo-coo and wouldn’t pick up all the yummy goodness going on with this colour.

In the sun she really sparkles and shines… a total stunner! Even in the outdoor shade or with normal indoor lighting, she will find the light and pick it up. The light reflects off her so beautifully.

Unfortunately, my camera only wanted to pick up the darkness of the polish and not the microglitter goodness within her. Trust me, it’s there and there’s no missing it with the naked eye!

I used two thin coats and a shiny top coat (Seche Vite). You will need to top coat this polish as she does dry textured.

On a side note, I decided to do a full mani with this polish and instead of two thin coats, I used one thick coat. One and Done! That’s really saying something from me because I have a very dark VNL (Visible Nail Line).

Now let’s see some photos!

Lacquer Junkie Shop

This polish was provided to me for swatching and an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thanks for visiting me!


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